House in Co. Down

Larsen was asked to look at this property as the internal and internal walls were showing signs of subsidence.

A soil investigation proved that the foundations were of an inadequate depth and founded in a material with poor bearing capacity.

Due to the extent of external services, paths and quality of the landscaping we decided that an internal solution would be the least obtrusive to the client.

Larsen Foundation designed an “Internal Piled Raft” solution to underpin the entire property.  The piled raft consisted of 105mm dia low vibration mini piles incorporated within a 250mm thick structural floor slab with needle beams projecting to support the external and internal walls.

The main contractor reduced the internal levels by 500mm to facilitate the construction of our piled raft and after 12 working days we had installed 39 No.105mm dia piles to 7.0m deep, constructed 31 reinforced concrete needle beams and cast a new floor slab 250mm deep over an area of 80m2.

The main contractor simply placed a damp proof membrane, insulation and new floor screed over our slab to complete the works.

No external excavations were carried out and the property retained its original landscaping.

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