House in Belfast

This property had suspended timber ground floors and the internal support walls to the floor joists were subsiding due to them being supported on a concrete slab that was founded on fill material.

The amount of subsidence varied between 10mm and 75mm across the floor and it was decided by Building Control that a new piled sub floor be created.

Larsen Foundations were asked to design and construct a new piled reinforced concrete subfloor to replace the suspended timber floor.

Using a restricted access Grundomat piling rig we installed 105mm dia minipiles and constructed a 250mm thick reinforced concrete subfloor.

The main contractor had a reduced level excavation of 400mm throughout the property and was able to leave the site in our possession returning once the floor slab was completed.

We installed 29 No. 105mm dia piles to an average depth of 5.0m and poured the 250mm thick slab over an area of 95m2.

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