House in Co. Antrim

We were commissioned by an insurance company to design and construct an underpinning scheme to support an extension whose foundations had been founded on soft clay with poor load bearing capacity.

Our brief was to underpin the extension by external means only as the family were to remain in the property during the underpinning works.

We designed a solution incorporating “Single pile needle beams” and “Simply supported needle beams”.  The simply supported needles provided support to the corners and the single pile needle beams supported the remainder of the wall panel remaining between each corner.

The access to the rear of the extension was 750mm and we installed 105 & 150mm dia mini piles using our D500 drop hammer rig and our 90mm Grundomat rig.

Once piling was completed we created pockets in the masonry to facilitate the construction of our needle beams.  The pockets were supported during the works using mini acro’s until such time as the needles were placed.

The needles were placed, shuttered and the concrete poured.  Once cured the main contractor simply made good the defective areas of brickwork and reinstated the external paths.

We installed 8No 105mm & 6 No 150mm dia mini piles to 10.0m and constructed 3 simply supported needle beams / 6No single pile needle beams in 5 working days.

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